Beating the heat


The 2017 summer in the NE, for the most part has been a very productive one for the trout angler. Decent water tables and stretches of cool spells have kept the water temps in a comfortable range for trouty friends. There’s a couple of easy things to keep in mind if you want to have a productive day on a trout stream during the summer heat, we’ll touch base on these in this post. A … Read More Beating the heat

Going deep!


Temperatures are rising and the fish are going deep, what you need is a different approach to get down to where the fish are! Denis Isbister from Wild Fish Wild Places is not letting a heatwave stop him catching fish. In this video he shares a technique with us which will allow you to get the flies down 16 – 18 feet to where the fish are sitting when it’s hot. You can increase your … Read More Going deep!

The Meal Ticket


As the sun was starting to creep behind the mountain tops of the Eastern Berkshire’s, our guide Brian Lynch of Pheasant Tail Outdoors was setting up the boat for a sweet little drift on the upper Deerfield River… Earlier in the day, we fished the North River, a tributary of the Deerfield in blistering heat and humidity. The 59 degree water felt very refreshing as we had the sun on our backs for most of … Read More The Meal Ticket

New Fulling Mill fly designer – Daniel Seaman


We are proud to welcome Daniel Seaman to our family of Fulling Mill designers, read on to find out what got Dan hooked on fly tying and design. “My name is Daniel Seaman and I own and operate Bug Wild out of eastern North Carolina. I have been fishing a little here and there my whole life, but really started fishing consistently while in college with some friends. After achieving some success in the tournament … Read More New Fulling Mill fly designer – Daniel Seaman

Forgotten flies & angling methods – Wet flies


Wet flies; For some of us the term conjures images of a forgotten time when this type of fly ruled the roost. Over the years many have left their mark with this type of fly from Bergman and Jim Leisenring to modern day fanatics like Dave Hughes and Oliver Edwards. I could go on about the influential anglers who’ve left their mark on me but, let’s discuss patterns and the techniques associated with these dainty … Read More Forgotten flies & angling methods – Wet flies