Fly fishing Snake River with top guide Ewald Grabher


Top Snake River fly fishing guide and Fulling Mill Ambassador Ewald Grabher, Idaho, gives us an insight into his life on the river in this Q&A session: What is your favorite River to do a Float trip on? The south fork of the Snake River, Idaho. The Snake River canyon offers everything for an all over experience, and it is fairly close to where I live. The scenery is breathtaking and the fly fishing is … Read More Fly fishing Snake River with top guide Ewald Grabher

Brookies of Summer


The Fly Fish Food guys escapes to the cooler mountain climate with their tent and float tubes. “When those 100 degree days roll around, we most often find ourselves headed to the mountains for a respite from the heat and a chance to tussle with some decent Brookies (or Cutts or Tigers or Splake or whatever). Below is a short little edit we did from an incredible callibaetis hatch wherein the Brook trout and a … Read More Brookies of Summer

Pike on the fly like a bear on a picnic basket


I’ve been a serious pike angler for the last 15 years and have chased them on many different bodies of water, from lakes to rivers, the U.S. to Canada and one thing is always the same…big pike can be finicky! I love fishing for pike with big muskie spinners, spoons and top water lures but most of the time if you want to target big pike you need to break out the 8 wt and … Read More Pike on the fly like a bear on a picnic basket

Cinnamon Toast Ant – NOT for human consumption


The Cinnamon Toast Ant fly is one of our favorites in the Fulling Mill terrestrial selection. Designer Clark (Cheech) Pierce co-owner of Fly Fish Food got creative when a request came through to come up with a flying ant imitation. Read on to find out how the pattern was created and watch how Cheech expertly ties the Cinnaon Toast Ant. “The good thing about having friends that are super fishy is that they give you the … Read More Cinnamon Toast Ant – NOT for human consumption

Targeting other species on fly


When the first real hot days of summer begin to warm up freestone trout rivers and streams, many trout anglers tend to put the trout equipment away until early fall, or concentrate on tailwater fisheries that offer cool water temps. Although the weather is hot, there are still some fun opportunities to put your trout equipment, flies, and fishing tactics to the test on other species. Not all rivers and streams are great year-round habitat … Read More Targeting other species on fly