Situk Steelhead


Steelhead are synonymous with bad weather and tough fishing but thankfully this trip to Alaska the Wild Fish Wild Places crew only had to deal with one! Yakutat, Alaska is home to some amazing fishing but in April and May the Steelhead fishery on the Situk is what you’re after. The folks at Leonard’s Landing had the accommodations, drift boats and van ready for the crew when we showed up to film and all we … Read More Situk Steelhead

One for the ages – Spring Creek PA


Standing mid-stream with my back to the sun, that chalky limestone aroma in the air and trying to cover a fish that had no business eating flies off the top, a shout from downstream echoes… “Woo!” I knew it was my friend and Fulling Mill fly designer, William Anderson successfully netting another fish. I’ll always remember this outing on Pennsylvania’s famed Spring Creek, as it was one of the best I’ve pried from this seemingly … Read More One for the ages – Spring Creek PA



Fulling Mill Ambassador Katka Švagrová, a passionate fly fisher who has more than 20 years of experience has recently returned from a trip to Belize in search of the Grey Ghost. Katka, who has been 5x women’s Czech Republic fly fishing champion within 5 years of competing, has spent the past 3 years traveling the world with a fly rod. She has experienced some of the most remote destinations in Western Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, … Read More THE BELIZIAN GHOST

Balanced Leeches and Big Cutthroat


Patrick Kissel shares this short story of the Got Fishing/Wild Fish Wild Places quarterly meeting to Pyramid Lake in Nevada, where they spent 3 days fly-fishing for giant Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. “Kent and I pulled up to the lake well after dark and rolled out our bags. I always like getting to a place in the dark, there’s something about waking up to a new and foreign place. It was 28 degrees as I crawled … Read More Balanced Leeches and Big Cutthroat

Alternative methods for Winter fishing


Many people think winter time fishing mainly consists of brightly colored nymphs and egg patterns in obnoxious colors such as pink, orange and red are the keystone to tempting trout into feeding. Sure, this may work but, there are more productive and fun methods of presenting flies to fish that need a little more coaxing. After all, big fish don’t become big because they’re stupid. Time to match wits. The flies; I’m talking about drifting … Read More Alternative methods for Winter fishing