There is one atoll in the Indian Ocean that little is known about; only a few have visited the atoll and even fewer have fished it – Providence. One of the largest in the Seychelles, Providence is over 140 km² and is accessed following a five-hour sail from Farquhar. Since its closure in late 2009 only a few vessels have visited it to fish, so it still remains largely unexplored. I have been trying to … Read More SEYCHELLES – FISHING THE PROVIDENCE ATOLL

When the Float Plane Leaves You


What do you do when you are hundreds of miles in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness and the float plane doesn’t pick you up? You make the best out of it! On a recent filming trip to the King Salmon Lodge, located on the NakNek River on the Alaskan Peninsula, the Wild Fish Wild Places crew was anxiously waiting to fly to a spot we had fished about 5 years prior. A spot referred … Read More When the Float Plane Leaves You

French Nymphing – what’s it all about?


Interesting article from our fishing buddies across the pond. Here Kieron Jenkins shares his knowledge about the hugely successful fishing method – French Nymphing. “When you’re out on the river fishing for either trout in the height of summer or grayling through winter, almost everyone you bump into these days is fishing a French Leader – A devastatingly effective method that has been favored by many top competition anglers for quite a number of years. It was … Read More French Nymphing – what’s it all about?

Fly fishing Snake River with top guide Ewald Grabher


Top Snake River fly fishing guide and Fulling Mill Ambassador Ewald Grabher, Idaho, gives us an insight into his life on the river in this Q&A session: What is your favorite River to do a Float trip on? The south fork of the Snake River, Idaho. The Snake River canyon offers everything for an all over experience, and it is fairly close to where I live. The scenery is breathtaking and the fly fishing is … Read More Fly fishing Snake River with top guide Ewald Grabher

Brookies of Summer


The Fly Fish Food guys escapes to the cooler mountain climate with their tent and float tubes. “When those 100 degree days roll around, we most often find ourselves headed to the mountains for a respite from the heat and a chance to tussle with some decent Brookies (or Cutts or Tigers or Splake or whatever). Below is a short little edit we did from an incredible callibaetis hatch wherein the Brook trout and a … Read More Brookies of Summer