Catching a Giant Trevally on a fly rod, is it on your bucket list? It should be, this bird-eating machine (as seen in this Planet Earth II Footage) is a total powerhouse, and the Seychelles may just be the place where this dream can become reality! Rasmus Oversen and Martin Olsen from Fin Chasers Magazine recently returned from a trip to the Seychelles, off the east coast of Africa, chasing the magnificent giant trevally, where the … Read More FULLING MILL’S NYAP – IRRESISTABLE TO THE GT’S OF ASTOVE ATOLL

Cheesman fashion


Fulling Mill rep Anthony Marrese, shares what it is like being on the road most days of the year and how he sneaks in a few fishing days here and there at some of the best water the North West has to offer. A few weeks ago he got the opportunity to hit the Cheesman Canyon section of the South Platte with a group of fishing guides from Rocky Mountain Anglers, read all about it … Read More Cheesman fashion

Favorite Flies from this past season


Winter is in full swing here in New England, and trout fishing isn’t really feasible for the time being. This gives me time to check and clean out my gear, wash the waders if need be and start filling up for 2018. Opening my main working box, I noticed many blank spaces and try to recall which patterns used to call these vacancies their home, they obviously worked well if they are no longer present. … Read More Favorite Flies from this past season

Trigger tactics!


Triggerfish enthusiast John Wolstenholme shares his experience, targeting one of his favorite species, on this latest adventure to the Alphonse Atoll in the Seychelles. “It seems people either love or hate fishing for Triggerfish. Personally they are one of my favorites! I am no expert but whenever I get a chance to fish in the Seychelles I always find at least one guide who shares the obsession. Triggers can be incredibly frustrating and sometimes almost … Read More Trigger tactics!

River Itchen Madness!


Fulling Mill’s US Technical Manager,  Eric Kelley, recently returned to fly fish one of the greatest, gin clear chalk streams, the UK has to offer, the Itchen! “October. Oranges, yellows, and reds. Intermittent cloud cover and rays of sunshine through the trees. The smell of limestone is a familiar one to me as is the sight of willow trees and their almost depressive looking limbs, sagging towards the vibrant green grass below, I must be on the … Read More River Itchen Madness!