The barbless Fulling Mill Bonio Carp Hook (FM2500) is a pretty slick hook developed in the UK where fly fishing for carp is a very serious sport through the summer months. Whether your targeting carp feeding on the mulberry “hatch” at your favorite stream or on that destination trip to Beaver Island in the upper reaches of Lake Michigan. This hook can tow a truck.

About the FM2500: The Bonio Carp Hook is a super strong wide gape hook specifically designed to dress fly patterns used to target carp, but more recently, anglers have experimented by tying streamers, sculpins and stinger patterns with great success. This is the barbless version, but there’s also a barbed version available. Wide Gape, Short Shank, 3X Strong, Barbless, Teflon Finish.

Not only does this hook do its job well when it comes to carp but, it is a super versatile hook when it comes to other applications as well. Tube flies, for example, whether it be small Hitch style tubes, mini intruders or imitative baitfish patterns, this is an excellent hook choice. Also, I’ve been experimenting with this hook when tying sculpin patterns that use a stinger hook. I can assure you this hook will not disappoint. I’ve been fishing this sculpin pattern this year for Smallmouth Bass and it hasn’t let me down!

This hook is available in 2 sizes across both the UK and USA stores.

FM2500 Bonio Carp Hook

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