The Gotcha Bonefish pattern is perhaps the most popular bonefish fly ever designed and has accounted for thousands of bonefish for anglers worldwide.

This simple and very effective pattern belongs in the fly box of every bonefish angler, and tying the Gotcha in a variety of sizes, weights, and colours will help anglers match local fishing conditions.

We have three different variations of the Gotcha bonefish fly, each come into their own in certain fishing scenarios. All of our Gotcha flies, along with the majority of our Bonefish Fly Range are tied on the extremely reliable Tiemco 811’s – A superb saltwater hook.

Gotcha Bonefish

View the Tan Gotcha

Gotcha Bonefish Stealth

View the Stealth Gotcha

Gotcha Bonefish Hot Legs

View the Hot Legs Flexi Gotcha

Below, Davie McPhail shows us how to tie this exceptional Bonefish Shrimp fly. 

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