When it comes to tying meaty nymphs that require a bit of extra space on the hook, the Fulling Mill Nymph Barbless Hook is hands down my favorite iron for the job. I use the size 8 and 10 in this model quite a bit for early season stonefly nymphs, mid-season mayfly nymphs such as March Browns, Green/Brown Drakes, and even cranefly larva and bank-dwelling grubs.

About the FM5085: The barbless version of our Nymph Special Hook. Designed with a 15 percent longer point for great fish holding properties and increased wire thickness for extra strength when targeting specimen trout. Round bend, Forged, D/E, 2x Long.

The heavy wire gauge of the Nymph Barbless Hook is a confidence booster when targeting large fish, you can rest assured this hook is up for a challenge. So, if you’re a stonefly angler or love fishing large heavy nymphs, do yourself a favor and add this hook to your collection, you won’t be disappointed.

This hook is available in 5 sizes and across both the UK and USA stores.

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