I have been throwing a pike fly for more than a decade now, and have always found it difficult to find well tied commercial flies that are man enough for pike fishing. As such, I usually have to tie up my own patterns, but time and family commitments mean I am now getting less and less free time at the vice.

Recently I came across the Fulling Mill guides’ choice boxed pike fly selection whilst browsing online, and they certainly looked like the answer. Ordering on-line from Hartley Fly, the selection arrived quickly, within 48 hours in fact- just in time for my weekend trip to Chew a few weeks back!


I opened the package and found the flies were supplied in a high quality slit foam fly box – of the correct size and shape for housing big flies. Excellent value at just £29.99.

“A selection of 12 of our best selling predator patterns presented in the Tactical Big Fly Box which has a lightweight construction, clear lid and non rust hinge. Patterns include flies from Fulling Mill consultant Dougie Loughridge as well as some old classics. Here’s what you get:

2 x Dougies Perch 2/0
2 x Mackerel Sparkler 6/0
2 x Tinsel Town Silver 4/0
2 x UV Flashtail Whistler 6/0
2 x Dougie’s Roach 4/0
2 x Yellow FM 4/0″

I was delighted to see some of the flies were Dougie Loughridge patterns. Now Dougie ties a mean pike fly – I had some of his original patterns that he posted me from a few years back and had been eager to get my hands on some more since. If you want a super roach, or perch pattern then Dougies efforts are by far the best I have seen, in both colouration and profile they are simply spot on.

The other flies all looked great; especially the big mackerel sparklers which looked like they would be lethal for drawing drawing a big pike from hard on the bottom on a sunny day.

Hooks were also top notch and razor sharp – unlike some cheaper flies no expense has been spared here, so I expect them to survive being chewed up by Mr Esox many times over.

On my outing to Chew I was successful in landing several jack pike, and also lots of big perch to over 4lb, all on these well tied flies.


I can’t wait to get out on the water again with them this winter…. Thanks Fulling Mill, for making these awesome predator-proof fish catchers!

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