Choosing the correct fly for the day can be a daunting task, where do you start? Fly boxes containing hundreds, even thousands of flies, many of them ‘favourites’ that have all caught their fair share of fish for you over the years, but, what happens when they fail? Try them all again? Well, we’ve taken the guesswork out fly fishing and created a selection of flies that are not only best sellers but highly regarded by many anglers all over the country as tried and tested fish catchers! Introducing the Grab A Pack fly selections…

Grab a Pack Fly SelectionsView the Grab A Pack Fly Selections, HERE.

Each Grab  A Pack Fly Selection contains six of our best selling fly patterns for both rivers and lakes. Each fly is sure to catch fish wherever you choose to use them.

Lake Selection 1 Product Code: 145010
This selection contains a range of best selling blobs and boobies, perfect for those looking to fish on large stillwaters and reservoirs. Each of these flies can be fished on a floating line across the surface right through to a heavy sinker on the bottom. Fish them on strong fluorocarbon as takes can often be savage.

Grab a Pack Fly Selections

  • 67612 – Cut Throat Cat S12
  • 259010 – Traffic Light Cormorant Booby S10
  • 305012 – Micro Candy Floss Booby S12
  • 208810 – FAB Sunburst Blob S10
  • 208710 – FAB Biscuit S10
  • 208710 – FAB Biscuit S10

Lake Selection 2 Product Code: 145015
For a more refined approach to reservoir fishing, this selection is for you. Containing a range of nymphs, buzzers,  and mini lures, each fly represents a natural food source that will be found all around the lake. Most commonly fished on floating and slow intermediate lines.

Grab a Pack Fly Selections

  • 301310 – KJ Mirage Cormorant S10
  • 256910 – Traffic Light Buzzer S10
  • 18112 – Deep Water Diawl Red Hot Head S12
  • 99010 – Crank Shank Olive S10
  • 280010 – RS Nemo Cruncher S10
  • 280010 – RS Nemo Cruncher S10

Stillwater Dries Product Code: 145020
When the fish are up and feeding on the surface, look no further than the Stillwater Dries Grab A Pack selection. With everything you need from Daddies to Buzzers, each hatching  food source eventuality is covered. Fish these flies static on the surface or slowly tweaked if the wind is up.

Grab a Pack Fly Selections

  • 79310 – Real Daddy Orange S10
  • 87012 – Yellow Owl Cul S12
  • 84012 – Yellow Owl Cul S12
  • 86612 – Shuttlecock Black S12
  • 235210 – CDC Hopper Black S10
  • 181312 – Parachute Adams S12

Klink N’ Dink Product Code: 145025
The Klink N’ Dink is an extremely effective river technique that’s certainly worth trying, and this selection makes it easy grasp. Fish the dry fly on a dropper, choosing the size accordingly to the speed of the river, with a nymph on the point. Cast upstream and watch the dry fly, if this dips or shoots under the surface, strike! Many of these patterns are firm favourites from Fulling Mill Ambassador, Simon Robinson.

Grab a Pack Fly Selections

  • 275212 – SR Klink Duo Special B/L S12
  • 275214 – SR Klink Duo Special B/L S12
  • 275416 – SR Orange Head Mary S16
  • 287516 – Olive Quill Nymph B/L S16
  • JK10014 – T/Head Emerger H/Ear S14
  • PP16814 – PP Biot Olive S14

Puddle Bung Product Code: 145030
When it comes to small waters, fishing the Bung is an essential method if you want to catch large numbers of fish. This selection contains the most up-to-date smallwater fly range there is.

Grab a Pack Fly Selections

  • 177010 – Foam Bung S10
  • 225610 – Puddle Bug Cat S10
  • 937012 – Wiggle Worm (TBH) S12
  • 247512 – Okey Dokey S12
  • 230510 – App’s Bloodworm WTD S10
  • 163908 – Roe Bug Pink S8

River Dries Product Code: 145035
If you’re a river angler you should know that getting caught without the correct fly patterns when there’s a hatch occurring can be disastrous. The Grab A Pack River Dries selection covers you completely for any eventuality.

Grab a Pack Fly Selections

  • 288317 – BWO Split Wing Dun B/L S17
  • 288217 – Foam Dun B/L S17
  • 54814 – Klink Black S14
  • 65116 – CDC Black S16
  • 68514 – Jingler B/L S14
  • 178814 – Deer Hair Emerger H/Ear S14

Grab A Pack Fly Selections Offer! Buy one ‘grab a pack’ selection for £5.99 or two for £10 when you enter the promotion code ‘GRAB‘ at checkout. If you do not enter the code, the discount will not be applied and cannot be applied retrospectively. Grab A Pack Fly Selections

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