Over the last couple of years the Squirmy Worm has been an absolute godsend to the fly angler – It has accounted for the capture of many large Grayling all over the globe, as well as ‘cricket scores’ in terms of numbers for trout on still waters.

Due to the success of our original Squirminator jig fly (see the video here) it was only natural to introduce a hot pink version as well as a tan (earthworm) colour to the range. These patterns will be available early 2019, along with packets of the original squirmy worm material to tie your own.

How and when to use a Squirminator?

The best time to use a Squirminator is definitely just after a flood. The high water will dislodge and bring earthworms and otherĀ invertebrates downstream. Trout and Grayling are extremely fond of worms and these patterns cannot be beaten. They are super effective when fished on the point of a french leader technique/euronymphing set up, simply cast in into a run, lift the rod and occasionally jig the fly through the pool.

New Squirminator

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