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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: New Fulling Mill Fly Tying Materials

Read Time: 12 Minutes | Published: 20th July 2023 | Author: Fulling Mill

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of our fly tying materials in the US. We found new material sources, refined our dying process, did extensive research on the market and have come out with a range we’re really proud of. From natural materials like CDC, marabou, stripped peacock quills and rabbit zonker strips to dubbings, synthetics like flexi floss and a wide range of chenilles, there are over 1,400 items. We understand that when it comes to tying great flies, there is no substitute for the best fly tying materials.

What goes into providing fly tying materials?

This all started when we wanted to get direct-to-supplier sources for all of the materials we tie with at our factory. This in turn eliminated our reliance on third-party vendors for supply, and allowed us to manage our production and supply to maintain the fill rates you expect from us.

As part of this, we worked extensively on refining our dying process as many of the materials we receive are white and/or natural in coloration. Therefore, it’s very important that each fly comes out to the same color every time we tie it, so it’s in turn important that our dying process is 100% repeatable every time. In the same vein, each time we dye a material it comes out the exact same color as before.

Once all of this work was done, it became apparent that we were very well suited to package and sell these materials for tiers around the world. After that came another key stage in the process: quality control and packaging.

Every feather is hand-picked, and each package is hand-packed. This means all our materials go through a rigorous quality control process before they arrive at your tying desk, ensuring you get the very best material possible. Additionally, a lot of thought went into how we package our materials. They are in bigger packs in some cases, and we are careful not to overpack or scrunch things in. That means they don’t get bent, and it all comes out ready to use.

What does this all mean to you?

When you go to the store and pick up a pack of our material you can count on it being the same. Every. Single. Time. Waste will be to an absolutely minimum. Additionally, it’s all packaged so the material is completely usable without any kinks or waste. These will now be the most premium fly tying materials available on the market.

Let’s dive into what we have in the range.


Marabou bloods and feathers.

Our marabou bloods and feathers will be offered in 30 different colors. The bloods are all pre-selected and pre-stripped at the base to ensure the highest quality dying. The feathers are removed from any string you may be accustomed to getting them on and are dyed loose for a complete dye.


Our CDC is offered in 12 different colors and with two pack sizes: 1 gram and 3 grams. All of the dyed CDC is treated with a floatant after the dying process to ensure maximum buoyancy for your flies.

Stripped Peacock Quill

Selected from prime eye tops, carefully stripped and thoroughly died. We are very careful in this process to ensure maximum durability. These will be available in 12 colors.

Peacock Herl

High quality, long-fibered peacock herl. Available in Natural, black and purple.

Turkey Biot

Premium, long fibered turkey biots. These are available in 24 different colors and are great for wrapping bodies on both nymphs and dries.

Goose Biot

These are premium, selected goose biots. They’re offered in 12 different colors and each pack comes with three different sizes.

Fur and Hair

Zonker Strips

If we had to pick a favorite product in our entire range of fly tying materials it would be hard. However, if you twisted our arm to pick, it might just be these.

Our zonker strips are packaged straight and put on a card so they come to you perfectly straight. Additionally, they’re cut on a jig so they’re evenly cut throughout. They’re available in 30 colors and 4 different cuts: Micro (2mm), regular (3mm), cross cut (cmm) and big game (6mm). Finally, there are both barred and non-barred options.


Our bucktail is pre-treated so all the fibers are perfectly straight. They’re unlike any bucktail you’ve ever seen, we promise. While they may not be the biggest tails you’ve ever seen, they make up for it in quality and usability. They’re available in 12 colors.

Deer Belly

Our premium selected deer belly hair is dyed and available in 12 different colors. This is a perfect material for dries, bass bugs and predator heads.


Flex Floss

Flex-Floss is an elastic floss that can be used for everything from stonefly legs to body wraps on a nymph. It’s available in standard and micro, and each will come in 30 different colors. Additionally, it’s straightened to ensure quality and usability for all the product in the pack.

Bug Back

Our bug back is an excellent shellback material. Packaged on a paper back, it’s easy to cut and work with. It’s offered in 12 different colors.

Nymph Rap

Nymph-Rap is a soft stretchy material that makes very realistic looking nymph bodies. When wound it gives a segmented effect, ideal for use on realistic looking nymphs, grubs, worms and pupae. This is available in 12 colors and 3 sizes: micro (2mm), small (3mm) and medium (4mm).

Scud Skin

Scud Skin is a soft stretchy translucent material, ideal for shellbacks and thorax covers on nymph and shrimp type patterns. It’s available in 12 colors in micro (3mm), small (4mm), and medium (6mm) and 6 colors in large (8mm) and X-large (10mm).


There are too many to cover here as we added 24 different dubbing ranges with 12-24 colors each. Some of them are full synthetic, some full natural and some a combination. There are dry fly dubbings, nymph dubbings and streamer dubbings. Below are a few highlights we’re really excited about!

Eco Warrior

This is our range of 100% natural dubbings. We source100% of these furs ethically. There are 12 colors in the range.

Ultra Nymph Dubbing

Ultra Nymph dub has a soft and translucent appearance due to our unique blend of two naturals and two synthetics. One of the synthetics has a subtle sparkle to it, adding just a little bit flash to your patterns. We also added several “psychedelic” options to our range, which really pop under a UV light. There are 24 colors in the range.

Seal X Dubbing

Seal X is the best seal fur alternative on the market. A blend of two naturals and one synthetic material give it the closest match of texture and translucency to genuine seal.

Sculpin Stacker Dubbing

Sculpin Stacker is a mix of synthetic and flashy materials. This is a great dubbing for tying streamer, predator and saltwater flies. The fibers have a 2.5″ staple length. There are 24 colors in the range.

Tactical Microflash Dubbing

Tactical Microflash dub a synthetic, textured dubbing with a fine cut of pearlescent and translucent materials. This is great for adding hot spots to your favorite patterns. There are 24 colors in the range.

Chenille, Yarn and Wool

As with the dubbings, there are too many options to cover them all here. We’ll cover a few highlights, but you’ll have to dive into all the sizing and color options.

Ultra-Dry Yarn

Ultra-Dry Yarn is a hollow fiber construction, high floating yarn. Additionally, we treat it with our Ultra-Dry treatment process to give unparalleled buoyancy. There are 20 meters of yarn per pack, and it comes in 24 colors.

EZ Egg yarn

An easy to use egg yarn that gives a natural translucent look when wet. Available in 24 colors with 3 meters of yarn per pack. This range comes in regular, UV and Pearl.

Streamer Straggle

Streamer Straggle is a yarn with long, sparse translucent, UV and metallic fibers. It’s available in jumbo, regular and micro sizes with UV, translucent and metallic ranges in each size. Each range has 20-24 colors per size. There are 3 meters per pack.

Chewy Worm Chenille

Chewy Worm Chenille has a soft fluffy core with Flex-Floss fibers, which give is it a spiky appearance. This is great for worm patterns, cased caddis and even streamer bodies. There are 20 colors in the range, and 3 meters per pack.


Bug Foam

This is perfect closed celled foam, which can be used for things like big western foam dries. It’s available in three sizes: 1mm, 2mm and 3mm. It comes in 5-20 colors, depending on the size. There are two generous pieces per pack.

If you made it this far, well done! We’re excited for each and every product in our new range, and we can’t wait to see what you do on the vise with them.

If you’re looking for tying inspiration for using our fly tying materials, head over to our YouTube channel where we have lots of tutorials.

To check out articles about fishing and tying, look through our blog library.

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