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5 top tips on Fishing Wiggle Tails

Published: 15th July 2016 | Author: Dougie Loughridge

Dougie Loughridge of the Glasgow Angling Centre and Fulling Mill Ambassador is widely recognised as a predator fishing expert – so who better to tell you all about fishing wiggle tails? Here are Dougie’s top 5 tips to using this deadly material.

Fishing Wiggle Tails

Wiggle Tails are not a new fad; they’ve actually been around for a number of years but have seen a recent resurgence due to lots of YouTube exposure from the Pike-mad Scandinavians at VISION. However, they are new to Fulling Mill’s range where we have chosen our favourite colour combinations, provided with clips so you can tie your own, almost personalised fly patterns.

fishing wiggle tails


The favourite sizes for pike anglers are likely to be the Jumbo wide, Jumbo slim and XXL. With the XL and smaller sizes lending themselves perfectly to perch and trout streamers.

In the water the Wiggle Tails simply come alive, a gentle pull can get the tail fluttering, sending pike, perch or any aggressive fish for that matter, loopy, for these creations.

As I mentioned before the wiggle tails come supplied with clips, designed for the tail to be tied directly to it. This allows you to easily snap the clips on and off the hook, changing the colour of the tail or replacing a broke/used one in seconds.

Here are my 5 top tips on fishing wiggle tails to ensuring you get the best from your purchase:

  1. Use the smaller clip to tie your tail onto and attach the larger clip to your wiggle tails
  2. Before tying in, hold the tail at either end and give it a gentle stretch, slightly straightening the material on the inside edge. This helps increase the tails’ movement.
  3. If the fish are coming short, nipping at the tail, tie your small clip onto a stinger hook attached to a 50lb titanium wire wiggle tails
  4. Experiment with different colour combo’s and sizes of tails to suit water wiggle tails
  5. Wiggle tails will work on any retrieve. But without doubt, the roly-poly is the most effective. Tuck your rod handle under your arm and strip the line back on a continuous retrieve varying from fast to slow, getting that tail to really ripple in the water and HOLD ON!!!

Fly Pattern: Niklaus Bauer style articulated bait fish.

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