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Hook of the month: Super Heavyweight Grub

Published: 1st February 2024 | Author: Fulling Mill

The Super Heavyweight Grub is our hook of the month. It has a continuous bend, which lends itself to caddis larva, worms, scuds and large mayfly nymphs. A high-end finishing and tempering process on the hook prevents the points from going dull and the hook from failing. Additionally, heavy wire allows you to pressure fish quickly so you can bring them to net and get a quick release. The Super Heavyweight Grub is available in 4 sizes: 8,10,12, and 14. It is available in either a bronze or black nickel finish. For the barbless anglers out there, this has a micro barb that’s easy to crush before use.

Why Choose The Super Heavyweight Grub Hook?

To anglers wondering when they might choose this hook over some of our similar grub hook models, it really depends on what you’re using it for. If you’re tying heavy patterns and running deep in pools, this is a great hook for you with it’s added weight and strength. If you’re running into snags a lot, this is a great hook because it stays sharp and won’t bend out easily on heavier tippet. Lastly, if you’re fishing for larger fish—like steelhead for example—this is a great option because it will allow you more leverage and the ability to fight them faster.

In terms of the hook finish, this is the usual rule of thumb we use when choosing: go with bronze over black nickel if doing light bodied flies. You want the light color to show through. In contrast, when tying dark bodied flies go with the black nickel finish. Below are some example of flies we tie for the US:

As mentioned above the Super Heavyweight Grub is great for tying things like large caddis larvae, worms and scuds. However, it’s also great for crane fly larva, eggs, mops and other heavy “junk flies.”If you’re a stillwater angler this hook can be a great choice for heavyweight buzzers. It will allow you to achieve a faster sink rate without needing to add a bead. Below are some example of flies we tie for the UK/Rest of World:

If you want to learn more about some of our other hook models, you can here.

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