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The World’s Best Marabou

Published: 20th October 2023 | Author: Fulling Mill

We’re not exaggerating when we say our Premium Selected Marabou is the world’s best marabou. Take 2 minutes, grab a cup of tea and we’ll tell you why.

We’ve been in the commercial fly tying business for decades, so we know what it takes to tie a great fly. Believe us when we say we’ve had lots of practice. So, long before we launched our fly tying material range, we were hard at work sourcing raw materials for tying our own flies. In that process we quite literally searched the entire world to find the best materials, and the most consistent sources. We produce millions of flies per year, so reliability and consistency is a must for us. Our Technical Managers, Steve and Eric, did some serious detective work in the process. As part of that, a great source for marabou was found.

Dying the feathers

After finding a source we were happy with came the next major project: dying the feathers. All of the marabou we purchase comes in its natural color, which is white. Having tied for years we know as well as anyone that finding consistently dyed feathers in a fly shop is hard work. We set out to change that. So, not only did we refine our dying process and the colors we wanted to be able to tie with, we standardized it. Now, we produce the exact same color each time. Olive this year is the same as olive next year. It’s the same as olive the year after that. You can count on a color being the same every single time. And, we did this for 30 different colors. You can see them all listed below.

Hand-picking the feathers

Fast forward to now. After dialing in our process for producing materials for our tying, we wanted to offer these same materials to the world. So, we now offer that high-quality, consistently dyed marabou feather to you (along with roughly 1,400 other assorted tying materials). It’s called Premium Selected Marabou. On top of everything above, there’s one final key piece. Before a feather is packaged and shipped it’s reviewed for it’s quality. If it’s not a high-quality usable feather that we would tie with ourselves, we don’t include it in the package. Then, after it’s selected, we pre-strip it at the base. This means that it arrives to you ready to use without any extra waste at the bottom. In total, we put 20 of these in each package.

Believe us when we say—because of all that above—you won’t find any better marabou on the market.

If you want to try it yourself you can ask for it at your local dealer. Or, we sell it online in the US, and the rest of the world as well.

The clean base of our Premium Selected Marabou feathers.

How Many Can You Tie?

Recently, Fly Fish Food tested to see how many Woolly Buggers they could tie with each feather. They managed to tie five. That means that you could get 120 flies out of one single package!

We’re launching lots of tying tutorials with our new materials on YouTube now through the winter. Make sure to subscribe so you can watch them all!

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