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Fulling Mill Clear Silicone Foam Fly Boxes

Published: 13th December 2016 | Author: Phil Ratcliffe

I’ve been using the clear silicone fly boxes for quite some time now and have found them to be by far, the best I’ve used to date. They are available in two sizes;

Silicone Fly Boxes

One of the major problems for most anglers particular when out on water is storage, you are wanting to carry the minimum of equipment but at the same time not leave anything behind. This is most evident when it comes to fly selection and you are unsure if the fish are taking nymphs, emergers or dries. In days gone by my chest pack, coat and wader pockets were full of bulky boxes carrying an assortment of patterns and adding unnecessary clutter.

Nowadays I use a good number of the small and large FM silicone fly boxes to carry the full arsenal of flies I may need for the river and due to the slim design, conveniently they all fit in my chest pack. They are extremely light and with the clear plastic lid, you can readily identify the flies required for the job. Gone are the days of labelling each box for quicker identification which is a proper result.

Silicone Fly Boxes

The boxes are not only clear but are very well made with a solid open and close lid. They are extremely strong and withstand a great deal of punishment, having dropped them on many occasions on large boulders and rocks on the river bank. Although Fulling Mill have not labelled this box as waterproof, due to the tight fitting and secure lid, they are near as damn it from my experience.  Essential if your box falls into the water as it will remain floating for a hasty retrieval.

The Silicone foam used in the boxes holds the hook very tightly, silicone fly boxes offer excellent compression set resistance which is the ability to rebound to original thickness.  Your flies will remain secure in the box which is invaluable over a long period of time. The foam reduces the problem of the hook going rusty once returned to the box, as the material doesn’t absorb much water due to the closed cell structure which allows for good water sealing.

Silicone Fly Boxes

The boxes can hold a large number of flies as well as a multitude of sizes, which will easily accommodate the Trout and Grayling anglers’ needs.

As some of us are more than just Trout and Grayling anglers, I tried the larger boxes with a few smaller salmon doubles and they were located in the foam slits just fine, although you are reducing the quantity of flies you can carry by half.

Silicone Fly Boxes

For the river and still water angler alike both sizes are extremely good value for money, and given the storage capacity, silicone foam properties and lightness of the box it’s a must have for any angler.

Click the links below to purchase, or visit any good Fulling Mill Stockist.

Small Fulling Mill Silicone Fly Box
Large Fulling Mill Silicone Fly Box

Phil Ratcliffe – Fulling Mill Ambassador

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