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The One That Didn’t Get Away!

Published: 27th October 2015 | Author: Stephan Dombaj

I will never forget sitting around the dinner table listening to Mike Michalak (Owner of The Fly Shop in California) as he was telling all the guides some of the most amazing fishing stories. He then asked each guide to tell him a story about the most amazing fish of their life. Everyone told him some pretty cool stories about the great fish that they landed and how great it felt holding it in their hands. After everyone was done he smiled and started telling us about his most memorable story, but this story was different, it was a story about the one that got away. Then it all fell into place, some of my most memorable stories from the water ended with the one that got away.

That being said I just have to share with you the story about the one that did not get away. Our season in Mongolia is done and it has truly been one of the most epic guiding stints that I will never forget. I will get more into detail with a season report  later this month, but I have been so excited to share this with the fishing world.

3 weeks in the season went by and we managed to land some amazing Taimen, but we had so many big ones that got away that I was getting pretty depressed and wondering if we will ever be able to get a monster to the net, until this day. We woke up with everything covered in snow and that is the sign that the big boys should come out to play. The day turned out pretty tough, with a few grabs, but nothing stayed on. We had just finished lunch and I decided to fish TaimenTang as it has produced some good fish in the season, no monsters but we needed to get on the board.

Almost done with the pool I called last cast and wanted to move to the next spot. I was getting ready to move as Darren’s line went tight, he set the hook as hard as possible. The fish started moving around the pool like it did not know it was hooked. The Thomas & Thomas Solar 9’0” 9wt was bent to the cork and the Nautilus reel was down to the max.  About 10 minutes went past and the fish rolled about 40 meters below us. Holy sh*t, that is a monster! Everyone went quiet and I got the net ready and started following with the boat. Another few minutes went past and I got right on top of the fish. The fish started running again and tried to jump. It was just too big to come out of the water. Another 10 minutes and the fish was still not quite ready but I had to go for it. I managed to get the head of the Taimen in the net, but that is about it. We were all shocked at what we had in front of us. The biggest Taimen I have ever seen. After a few photo’s I measured it and the length was 145cm with a girth of 68cm!!! Huchosaurusrex!

I know this is not one that got away, but I will surely never forget this day and this magnificent fish!

Cpt Jack ( Jako Lucas)

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