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Tiemco Aero Dry Wing

Published: 21st January 2016 | Author: Simon Robinson


I have always used standard poly-yarn in various forms for a lot of my dry flies as I find it to be a great material to work with. It is durable, very buoyant and can be purchased in a variety of drab colours to match natural insects or bright colours improve the visibility of a pattern.

Recently I was sent some of the new Tiemco Aero Dry Wing Fine to try as an alternative. Whilst I was initially sceptical as I am such a big fan of standard poly-yarn I have definitely found it has some advantages. This material is finer and softer than some of the yarns I had used previously. These advantages are mostly seen when tying small patterns such as poly wing olives, spinners and midge patterns as the finer material is much easier to work with. Using a softer material also makes patterns looks more natural and feel softer.  Looking more natural is an obvious advantage but also being soft can bring an edge as when a fish takes the fly, the wings will collapse in the fishes mouth and in my experience has lead to a better hook up rate.

Another advantage of this material is that it is extremely buoyant, after applying a touch of Tiemco Dry Magic Floatant you can fish a full session without having to change the fly as you can simply wash the fly after each fish and dry with a few ‘snappy’ false casts. For me this is a massive advantage over cdc, particularly if there are lots of fish rising around you and you want to catch quickly!

Using TMC dry wing also means you do not need to change flies as often, a massive advantage when evening fishing as changing fly can be difficult in low light. The material can also be mixed with deer hair or cdc to add a more natural look if required whilst still maintaining great floating qualities.

The excellent buoyancy combined with bright colours available make the fine TMC Aero Dry wing material suitable to make indicator flies, this may be a large caddis patterns for fishing the duo or trio methods with nymphs on the rivers or a bung on still waters. The material sheds water quickly so it does not become waterlogged, this makes it much easier to cast.

One final use for the brighter colour is to add visibility to small dries, I have been working on a few new patterns recently with a small spot of this bright aero dry wing. It is amazing how a tiny post of orange or pink makes a regular dry fly far more visible in low light or when fishing in foam lines where a drab fly can be difficult to see.

Give the material a go, I’d certainly recommend it and will be using it in many of my future dry patterns for river and still water.

Tiemco Aero Dry wing is available in both standard and fine with a wide array of colours – Price £7.96 : View on the website here.

Tiemco ADW Aero Wing

Standard Colours

Fine Colours


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