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Fulling Mill Ambassadors Most Memorable Fish of 2015

Published: 4th January 2016 | Author: Fulling Mill

2015 has been and gone, but not without many new fishing memories being made… As we roll into 2016 we take a look back at some of the most memorable fish caught by our Fulling Mill Ambassadors! Sit back, relax and enjoy reminiscing on your favourite fishing memories.

Clare-Carter Fulling Mill Ambassador

Clare Carter

“I have spent years chasing permit on the fly and this one was extra special, it was my first Permit ever on the fly and was the week that I got engaged to my gorgeous fiancé Brandon King. It also marked the start of our new life and fishing business Arabian Fly Sport Fishing that we have started here in Oman.”

Ben-Bangham Fulling Mill Ambassador

Ben Bangham

“The best fish of 2015 for me was this magnificent 20lb brown I caught from a river near Newbury. Never in my life did I expect to hook into a brown trout of 20lbs in weight on such a tiny river. It was such a shock to me that the river could sustain a fish of this size, let alone it thrive and be in the conditions it was. As well as landing it on a two weight and 0.10mm copolymer tippet, it’s a great feeling knowing that a personal best fish may never get beaten – I suppose that’s why we all go fly fishing, because you never know…”

Alex-Jardine Fulling Mill Ambassador

Alex Jardine 

“Salmon fishing is a fairly new thing for me, I am an avid trout and grayling angler and have struggled in the past to see the appeal. Over the past two or three seasons the pull of salmon has grown and I might even stretch as far as to say that an addiction is starting… In June I ventured to Iceland to try my hand at some early season salmon fishing, light rods, fresh fish, clear water. It was tough, searching, casting, walking but then I found it! The take almost ripped my arm off, the run would have left Usain Bolt stranded at the start and the jubilation immeasurable. The fish had taken a small Sunray Shadow on a 6-weight set up and floating line. This fish was my fish of 2015!”

Craig-Mcdonald Fulling Mill Ambassador

Craig Mcdonald

“This is by far one of my best fish of the 2015 season… A cracking brown trout caught from the river Clyde earlier this year – The fish was taken using a size 18 nymph tied on the new Fulling Mill Ultimate Dry Fly Hook

Rob-Edmunds Fulling Mill Ambassador

Rob Edmunds

“For me the most memorable fish of 2015 was a 9 lb Bonefish, caught on holiday Cuba, it was not just the size of the fish that was memorable but also how it was caught.

I spotted a large lone fish cruising some 200m away over the flats, I walked over the turtle grass and waited motionless fly in my hand (the fish was working the flats searching for food) for 10 minutes before the fish came into range and I could make the shot (I was using my own version of the Cuban Shrimp) after I made my cast the fish immediately rushed in to take my fly on the drop, the take was so vicious that it hooked itself and immediately ran a full 200m in the blink of an eye.

Despite catching a large number of double figure trout from reservoirs and still waters in the UK nothing prepared me for the power and speed of this large bonefish – it was amazing, it had strength, speed and endurance…. After an epic 8 minutes fight, it was finally netted, photographed and released ( the whole event was caught on video). For me the fish and the nature in which it was caught was special”

George-Barron Fulling Mill Ambassador

George Barron

“Hooked in Burnt House Bay on Lough Corrib, this brilliant 4lb 08oz wild brown trout is my best fish of 2015. This fish was one of two four pound trout that Darryl Grimason, from BBC Northern Ireland, and I caught. It was a hard cold day with very little duckfly coming off but we managed these two before we called it a day. Both tempted with a size 12 buzzer, tied on the Fulling Mill Super Grub Hook and fished on a floater.”

Simon-Robinson Fulling Mill Ambassador

Simon Robinson

“This is one of my most memorable fish from 2015. It was caught on the river pliva in Bosnia during practice for the world championships. The big grayling were very difficult to catch in this particular river, even though you could see them clearly.  I spent 30 minutes trying to temp this particular fish before finally getting him with a tiny weighted nymph with no bead on ultra fine tippet. The light tippet also made landing the fish a challenge with mountains of weed around!”

Kieron-Jenkins Fulling Mill Ambassador

Kieron Jenkins

“This magnificent brown was caught from Chew Valley whilst fishing a large fry pattern around the boat moorings. Casting parallel with the ropes and let to sink, I slowly retrieved the fly with a jagged movement, giving the illusion of an injured juvenile fish. As I brought the fly up to the hang, the fish chased from the deep below, engulfing the fly right at the last moment to give a good fight. A cracker that my partner and I estimated at 7lb in weight.”

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