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Pike Fishing Flies and Wire Traces from FM – New for 2018

Published: 27th July 2018 | Author: Fulling Mill

When it comes to fly fishing for pike, we have you covered. With an already great selection of pike fishing flies from the likes of FM Ambassador Dougie Loughridge, early 2018 saw the introduction of the new Clydesdale pike fly range a selection of patterns designed and tested by expert pike angler, Paul Clydesdale.

Paul reveals all you need to know about each of his pike fly patterns in the video below.

See all the Clydesdale Pike Flies

Attaching these pike fishing flies to your line couldn’t be made any simpler than with our new Predator Traces. These are 2ft lengths of 49 strand nylon coated trace wire, featuring heat welded loops and a premium fastach clip to secure your pike fishing flies quickly and easily. Available in 20lb, 26lb and 40lb depending on how large a fish you’ll be targeting. To secure to your line, simply ‘Loop to Loop’ the end to a Fluorocarbon leader.

Next in our range is the 35cm pike tubes, these tube flies are BIG, mean and are pike catching machines! Each pike tube is tied with a mixture of Hedron Flashabou, Craft Fur, and Bucktail and is designed to give the most tantalising movement along with a great ‘fishy’ profile, it’s no wonder they are a favourite among many pike enthusiasts (such as Niklaus Bauer) around Europe.

Check out what pike ACE and ‘The River Keeper‘ Jon Hall thinks about our new Fulling Mill 35cm Pike Tubes.

Each of the above patterns are designed to be used in conjunction with a wire trace, featuring a flying stinger hook. As Jon explains in the videos, the stinger sits back within the tail of the pike tubes, hopefully hooking up on any tail nips. The larger hook is situated at the front of the fly and will hook any pike that hit the fly broadside.

Pike fishing flies stinger wire trace


“A stinger trace rig, to be used in conjunction with Fulling Mill Pike Tube Flies. Slide the loop of the trace through the plastic tube of your fly and seat the eye of the hook in the rear of the tube. The trace is then attached ‘Loop to Loop’ to your fluorocarbon leader.

This rig is composed of a 26lb 49 strand nylon coated wire trace with heat welded loops, the sharpest 4/0 super strong predator hook, attached to a 2/0 stinger hook with the finest single strand titanium wire. Pike often strike their prey by attacking them from the side and in the middle, the stinger hook ensures you get proper hook-ups when this happens. Ensure your chosen water allows the use of two hooks before using the rig. The trace wire is 2ft / 60cm long.”

If you’re new to fly fishing for pike, this article from Dougie Loughridge is a great beginners’ guide to getting your first pike. 

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