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6 Tips on Preparing for Fly Fishing Trips Abroad

Published: 3rd October 2017 | Author: Lisa Isles

Autumn is the time many anglers here in the United Kingdom pack their bags and head off to destinations abroad in the search of fine weather and good fishing. Here are a few of my tips on preparing for fly fishing trips abroad.

When I come to getting prepared for fly fishing trips abroad, there is no better feeling than being organised. It takes all the stress and worries from the ‘what if’ and ‘have I’ questions, and my favourite, ‘What if I don’t have enough flies’… Answering questions like that when you’re all checked in just leads to facepalm moments!

fly fishing trips abroad

My favourite trip abroad – The River San, Poland.

3 Essential checks for your fishing equipment

I normally start off with checking my fishing equipment. It’s so easy to be slack after a fishing session, and even easier to forget to fix something important. Checking fly-lines is a big one. For example checking for cracks right where the braided loop is attached can often save the day. If there is a slight crack it can lead to water getting into the fly line and causing it to sink, or even snap… Secondly, check your waders for rips and leaks, there’s nothing worse than turning up to a river for a week with leaky waders. Thirdly, check your wading boots; it may sound silly, but are those laces looking a bit old? When you’re out in the middle of a river in Europe and one snaps, it’s going to leave you in a bit of a pickle, get some new ones ordered, or even carry a spare set with you. I always make sure that these are clean as well, this is a huge thing in New Zealand to help stop the spread of Didymo. It’s our responsibility as anglers to make sure our equipment is clean going from one destination to the next.

Terminal Tackle and Flies

Then I’ll go onto upgrading my terminal tackle which includes tapered leaders, tippet materials, and flies. Have I got enough? If not, then it’s time to do something about it! When it comes to stocking up on patterns that work, I like the Fulling Mill Tactical range, it provides river anglers like myself with a great selection of flies, tied on either Tiemco or Fulling Mill hooks that will cover all eventualities.

fly fishing trips abroad

We all know the benefits of using a tapered leader when it comes to dry fly fishing and ensuring yours is sound will not only present your fly better but also save losing a possible personal best. Unfortunately, tapered leaders are not indestructible and issues can arise. Be sure to check the butt section for nicks and kinks, along with the fine taper to ensure no breakages will fishing trips abroad

Correct Fishing Clothing for Fly Fishing Trips Abroad

One thing that is so important is to have the right clothing. There’s nothing worse than going to a destination and not having enough warm clothing! I know this all too well…traveling from the North Island of New Zealand (where it was averaging 20-25 Degrees everyday) to the South Island with just shorts, t-shirts and a couple of fleeces, I woke up in Queenstown in my tent and it was -3 degrees outside! Same country but what a difference in temperature! The first thing I did before even having breakfast was to go and buy some long trousers – something that could have ruined the trip if I didn’t have the option to purchase more clothing.

fly fishing trips abroad

Having an ultimate checklist is the ideal way to remind you of everything before your fly fishing trips abroad. My advice is to go through it every day for a week before you get on that flight and double checking everything is ticked off – this will ensure your trip will go as smooth as possible. Just don’t forget your passport, tickets, and money!

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