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Stokoe Shrimps; The Design and Development.

Published: 13th April 2018 | Author: James Stokoe

The Stokoe Shrimps have been extremely popular among northern salmon anglers over the last year, designed and developed by Fulling Mill Ambassador James Stokoe. James gives us the lowdown on the both the Original, and Red Stokoe Shrimps…

Sometimes in fly fishing, we come across a fly pattern or lure which totally changes our season and the way we fish or even think… It may be by accident, or even by our own hard work, but either way, when it happens it can be life-changing in terms of our angling.

james stokoe shrimps

Original Stokoe Shrimps

The idea behind the Original Stokoe Shrimp is in some eyes, pretty simple, and revolves around the different materials used. More specifically, the colour change between them, which, when in the water, looks mesmerising. Well… to me it does but you might say I’m easily pleased!

Sometimes the fly catches the fisherman and not the fish and I feel like what I’ve put together – the materials which individually work differently but also as one, and the merging colours that are subtle but also bright – is doing me proud! It has caught me more fish than ever before, even when following people through a run or pool using all manner of salmon flies it still seems to come out on top.

Stokoe Shrimps

Original Stokoe Shrimp Recipe
Hook: FM Magni Double
Tail – Brown bucktail
Body – Copper holographic with silver rib
Wing – Ginger shadow arctic fox
Hackle – Orange Hen
Head – Hot orange Thread

Red Stokoe Shrimp

Due to the success of the Original Stokoe Shrimp, I wanted something similar to fish at the back end of the season. That obviously had to consist of red! Red is an extremely effective colour, especially at the end of the season, and thus the Red Stokoe Shrimp was born.

Again the separate materials work really well together even tho they are of different consistencies, with a subtle change of colour between the tail and the rest of the fly.

Stokoe Shrimps

Red Stokoe Shrimp Recipe
Hook: FM Magni Double
Tail – Orange bucktail
Body – Red holographic with silver rib
Wing – Red arctic fox
Hackle – Red Hen
Head – Red Thread

Fulling Mill have kindly put my Stokoe Shrimp patterns into the salmon range. Tied on their super Magni Double hook and using some of the best materials on the market, the Stokoe Shrimp range is sure to take their fair share of salmon this year!

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