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The Revamped Fulling Mill Saltwater Fly Range

Published: 15th December 2020 | Author: Fulling Mill

As fly fishing surges in popularity, many anglers turn to salt water on their quest to catch bigger and bigger fish. That’s why we’re introducing the revamped Fulling Mill saltwater fly range.

Striped Bass on the US’ East Coast are a rite of passage. The southern US is famous for redfish. Florida is home to many world record tarpon, permit and bonefish. But the search doesn’t end there. As it continues, anglers will visit places like the Bahamas, and for a lucky few, places like the Seychelles or Christmas Island to target bonefish and GTs amongst other trophy species. 

Anglers will fly all over the world to have a shot at a GT.

To accommodate these needs, we saw it necessary to revamp our saltwater collection to include more modern patterns that use more modern materials. When you travel around the world to chase the fish of your dreams, you need flies you can count on.

What’s new about our saltwater fly range?


Right off the bat—before we even started the R&D for this whole range of flies—we knew we had to make a key change in hooks. They had to be something that anglers and guides know and use day in and day out. When you hook the fish of a lifetime that you’ve traveled countless hours to chase, you’ll want nothing but the best.

After diligent research, Gamakatsu and Owner became the obvious choices. They have been producing the best saltwater hook design and quality on the market for a long time. We’re proud to be using their products to make our products even better.

Trigger fish are notorious for being tough to hook, and then keep hooked. We introduced patterns tied on the Owner Fly Liner hook, which trigger fish anglers swear by.


To account for modern patterns and techniques, we’ve updated many of our materials. This not only helps with the durability of our patterns, but the color options as well.

When you’re hooked into the fish of a lifetime, having flies you can trust is essential.

How did we design and select new patterns?

In order to design the best patterns possible, we worked with both famous anglers and guides. With decades of experience, their designs are unparalleled.

Andy Mill

Andy came on board with some excellent Tarpon Toad patterns, which he uses them for targeting large tarpon in harsh conditions such as crystal-clear water. With increased angling pressure, tarpon fishing is incredibly technical, and Andy has refined these flies with years of experience fishing them.

Olly Thompson

Olly, who guides under Aardvark McLeod, is one of the best in the saltwater industry. He’s traveled the world, has fished extensively in the Seychelles, and came to us with some excellent tropics flies for permit and bonefish.

There’s nothing like catching a bonefish on the flats.

Nick Vlahos 

Nick, from Sandbar Flies, has lived in the southern US his whole life. He has spent countless days exploring both flats and marshes, and it shows. He gave us some nice shrimpy patterns that fish extremely well for bones, permit and redfish.

Fulling Mill

We recognized the need for some large profile baitfish patterns, so internally we designed some patterns that play well for the NW saltwater angler. The Salty Mullets, the bigger profile Ostri-ceivers, and a flashier baitfish pattern—the Sparkle Minnow—are strong examples of this.

What are some highlights from the range?

Flexo Crabs

The Flexo Crab is probably one of the best crab patterns ever invented. What’s more, we offer the biggest selection on the planet. Yes, you read that right. No matter the situation, it just seems to be the code cracker. We re-did our flexo crabs so they have properly weighted tungsten dumbbells. Additionally, many of the new variants of this fly are now dressed on a Gamakatsu SL12. We even did some trigger fish version that are on the extremely tough Owner Fly Liner hook, which is a hook that true triggerfish anglers live and die by. 

Millhouse Tarpon Toad

Andy Mill gave us some of his top Tarpon patterns for fishing over large tarpon in super clear waters. They’re especially sparse, so they work well on pressured fish. After all, Andy knows a thing or two about this species, so we took his advice to heart! Andy’s flies are dressed on his hook of choice, the Gamakatsu SL12s.

The Ostri-ceiver

We worked closely with some die-hard New England saltwater anglers when developing this unique pattern. It has a large baitfish profile for those extra-large Stripers when you know they’re only looking for a bigger meal. It also sheds water well, so is easy to cast and is super light. This fly is dressed on a Gamakatsu SL12s.

Nick Vlahos’ Bahama Shrimp flies

Nick Vlahos gave us this little gem for tropics fisheries, and it’s incredibly productive. Lightly weighted for fishing shallows and flats, this pattern is sure to be a go-to for tough conditions. We tie this fly on a Gamakatsu SL11.

Olly Thompson’s The Mutant

Specifically designed for pressured fish, this pattern works well as both a crab and a shrimp. It’s very successful with both bonefish and permit in crystal clear waters where mistakes are not an option. From Christmas Island to the Seychelles, you shouldn’t travel without it. We tie this fly on a Gamakatsu SL11.

Two Tone Brushy

What more can be said about this already proven GT fly? We listened to what our customers asked for and added a broad color range to suit everyone’s needs. Not only is this for GTs, but also stripers, big red’s and even the occasional tarpon find this hard to resist. We tie this fly on a Gamakatsu SL12s.

Are you ready to fish?

We’re excited to bring you the best saltwater flies for targeting trophy fish around the world with the revamped Fulling Mill saltwater fly range. With any luck, travel restrictions will ease up soon and you’ll find yourself on sandy flats in the Bahamas in no time! For some inspiration while you wait, check out this piece on saltwater fly fishing by Peter Mcleod.

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