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6 New USA Jig Streamers for 2022

Published: 25th January 2022 | Author: Fulling Mill

There’s no denying that fishing jig streamers has exploded in popularity in recent years across a range of fishing styles. For example, whether they are fished on a tightline rig, under and indicator, or on any number of different streamer lines, they have proven to be deadly. This year we added new patterns to our jig streamer collection. Some of them are from our Signature Tiers, and some are in-house designs. In addition, each comes in a range of colors. To help you choose what’s best for your fly box, here are our top 6 new jig streamers for 2022.

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Brown trout can be very effectively targeted on jig streamers.

CdC Jig Streamer Minnow

CdC incorporated into small streamers has been a secret of some of the best anglers for many years. In truth, few things move as well as cdc under water. We’re happy to offer some of these super buggy jig streamers tied on our extremely strong Jig Force Short hook. The hot head version of this fly excels on days with off-color water.

Smokeshow Minnow

The Smokeshow Minnow came about out of necessity. We wanted to target bigger fish that weren’t interested in nymphs. Because of this, we developed a flashy yet realistic looking minnow fly that sports our new Jig Force Short hook. What’s more, this is a super strong hook that pulls double duty when stripped or drifted. So, when you’re targeting a trophy trout, you can fish this with total confidence.

Daniel’s UV Polar Jig

This fly is is designed to shed water and sink quickly. As a result, this fly will give you excellent depth control by being so hydrophobic, which allows it to sink rapidly and jig up quickly. What’s more, whether fished shallow or deep, this fly is sure to excel for you just as it has for George for many years.

Daniel’s Jiggy Fry

This fly excels in any river system that has reproducing trout because it’s designed to imitate trout parr. Typically par are around in both the spring aDesigned by Signature Tier George Daniel, this fly excels in any river system that has reproducing trout because it’s designed to imitate trout parr. Typically, parr are around in both the spring and fall depending on the trout that reproduce in that fishery. When they are around, larger trout will key in on them as forage. As a result, you’re always going to want a few of these in your fly box!

Weiss’ UV Jig Streamer

“Hopping/jigging action is key with this pattern. It be stripped and dead-drifted with equal success. A great sculpin/crayfish action without the nonsense of many streamers out there today”
– Pat Weiss

Keslar’s Mini Gulp Sculp

This is a super versatile bug that can be stripped, jigged and dead drifted for maximum efficiency. This will perform best in rivers with a high density of sculpin. And, you can choose between colors to best match the stream bottom in your local river.

If you’d like to learn more about fishing jig streamers, watch our recent video with Signature Tier George Daniel where he explains pattern design, his jig streamer setup, and jig streamer tactics. Most of all, you streamer anglers won’t want to miss this!

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