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Top Hopper Dropper Combos

Published: 2nd September 2021 | Author: Fulling Mill

Photo by Sean Platt.

Hopper Season is a magical time of year. Big trout are motivated by big bugs. They will make no mistake about crushing your fly on the surface. That said, we all know that some days the fish don’t cooperate. So, you should always come equipped with some sub surface snacks as well. If you’re looking for some inspiration, these are our favorite hopper dropper combos. Don’t hesitate to mix and match at will!

1) Mega Moodah + Duracell

The Mega Moodah is a high-floating snack designed by Fly Fish Food. It’s on the larger side, so it’s perfect for suspending larger subsurface flies. Paired with the Duracell—one of our most deadly attractor nymph patterns—you won’t be disappointed. While the Duracell comes as small as a size 18, the Mega Moodah would allow you to hang up to a size 12 below it. Size up and down as needed with no floating issues!

2) Grumpy Frumpy + Spanish Bullet

The Grumpy Frumpy combines the best of many classic attractor patterns into one fly. It’s been refined over years of fishing, and is now one of the best attractors out there. Pair that with the subtlety of a small Spanish Bullet, and you have yourself a deadly combo.

3) Project Hopper + Roza’s Pink Tag

The Project Hopper is a phenomenal, realistic hopper imitation. When the fish get especially tricky, this fly will excel on grassy banks. Roza’s pink tag bead, on the other hand, is a great attractor that can trigger eats from unmotivated fish. With these two you’ll have all your bases covered.

4) Panther Creek Hopper + Hot Spot Pheasant Tail

Another great realistic hopper imitation, the Panther Creek Hopper comes in smaller sizes than the Project Hopper. It also has a different profile, and comes in both tan and olive. With a pheasant tail suspended below, you really can’t go wrong. Subtle, classic and deadly gets it done.

5) Chubby Duo Tan+ Croston’s Thread Quill

For the Chubby Duo, we’ve taken a tippet ring and incorporated it into the bend of hook to make our Chubby the ultimate Chubby. No more fiddling around with tying that rubber legs dropper to the bend of the hook and having it slip off. This fly can hold some serious weight, so it pairs well with Croston’s Thread Quill, which we offer in both copper and silver bead colors and a variety of weights. This rig will really help you get dialed in on depth, fly size and weight.

6) Stoneflopper + Pearl & Orange jig

Offered in both tan and brown, the Stoneflopper is a great generalist pattern that covers both hoppers and stoneflies. In addition, the Pearl & Orange Jig is a great generalist imitation that’s slim in profile. It’s great for picky fish, and it gets down fast with less weight needed. This combo will help you get started when you’re not sure what the fish are on yet.

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