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An inside look: Fulling Mill designer ‘Davy Wotton’ and what’s in his fly box?

Published: 30th November 2018 | Author: Fulling Mill

In this installment of An Inside Look, we’ve talked to Fulling Mill designer Davy Wotton to find out more about him and his fishy brain.

Greetings, Davy, how are you these days? Hopefully you’re finding some time to get away to your local or not so local fishery to get some good days in on the water. Would you mind taking the time to answer a couple of questions below? This is to get our consumers better acquainted with our designers and give them a better understanding of who you are and what you enjoy doing most… fishing!

FM – So, Davy give us a little background on yourself? Who you are and where do you reside?

FM- Well Davy, your name is synonymous with fly fishing and fly tying. Your work within this industry over the years is known and respected.

FM- How do you spend your time when not fishing?

FM- Two quality pastimes for sure! I miss my clay shooting, we’ll have to get around to shooting a couple rounds of trap sometime!

FM- When fishing, what are your favorite species to chase?

FM- That’s quite apparent! I’m sure living and guiding on the White you would almost have to be a brown trout enthusiast.

FM- Do you prefer fishing in lakes/ponds or rivers/streams?

FM- That’s a quality answer and hard to dispute. I think a lot of anglers overlook stillwater fishing because they associate it with warm-water species and I think the general consensus is; Lake fishing is too easy and doesn’t offer a challenge, which is entirely wrong!

FM- Drift boat or wading, which do you prefer?   

FM– Quite true Davy. There is something about stalking fish from the bank though that just speaks to me… maybe I just need to get out on a boat more often.

FM – What’s your favorite food item to pack for lunch/snack?

FM- Solid choice, you’ve got your essentials covered with that one! Bread and meat.

FM- If given the choice, what fly would you fish for a whole day? Nymph, streamer, dry, emerger, wet (or salt if applicable)? Why?

FM- I myself enjoy fishing wet flies as well, classic spiders to be exact but, like you, I would have to choose a hare’s ear variant or pheasant tail variant. They just work.  That whitetail midge of yours on tailwaters can be quite devastating, you’re right about that!

FM- What is your tried and true method of choice when fishing?

FM- Couldn’t agree more. I always have them with and they always make it onto my leader at some point throughout the day. If things ever look bleak they always seem to produce. No surprise this is your choice of fishing.

FM – What would be your most memorable catch?

FM- I would imagine just being in Chile fishing for large fish in of itself is probably more than enough to make this your most memorable catch.

FM – What destinations (if any) are on your bucket list? Have you already been there?

FM- Iceland seems to be on everyone’s list, good reason too! Labrador hasn’t been in the headlines as of late, that would be an amazing adventure too. You can’t argue fishing for large eager brookies.

Davy, thanks for taking the time to answer our short little Q&A. It’s always a pleasure chatting with you and picking your brain! We appreciate your knowledge and everything you’ve done for this community.

Fulling Mill Designer Davy Wotton


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