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How To Tie A Bung Blob for Trout Fishing

Published: 26th December 2019 | Author: Fulling Mill

Learn how to tie the Bung Blob with this great video tutorial.

When it comes to small water fishing there’s often no better fly than the blob. A very simple pattern that just puts fish in the net. Blobs these days come in literally 100’s of variations, such as one, two and three-tone colourations, small, large, pearl, translucent… the list goes on… but all have their place when it comes to lake fishing.

Trout caught on a blob

How to fish the Bung Blob

This pattern is extremely successful when fished static under an indicator. Best fished in flat calm conditions. Set up your usual bung method and tie on a single bung blob beneath the bung. During winter conditions the fish will often be deeper than expected, this is normally around 5-9 feet. Spring and summer months can see the fish come up to around 2-4 feet once the water temperature rises. Cast out and let the fly sink to your desired depth. If you notice takes coming on the ‘drop’ we suggest shortening your leader length. Once the blob hits maximum depth takes can come quickly, so be ready… After a few fish, you may notice the takes drying up, this is a great time to experiment and change the colour of the blob – a great trick which Simon Robinson showed us many moons ago!

How to tie the Bung Blob

For 2020, we have introduced a number of bung blobs to our trout fly range, giving you a choice of 3 colours to choose from on your next still water trip. Check them out here.

Want to know more about the blob? See this article from Fulling Mill Ambassador Rob Edmunds on the Success and Development of the Blob.

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