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Published: 19th April 2020 | Author: Dougie Loughridge

As I write, the World is going through one of the most horrible, testing times in modern history – the Coronavirus pandemic. These are terrible, uncertain times but you know this already so I want to help take you away from it, just for a little while, and our wonderful hobby can help us do that – to a degree. We absolutely need to try and look to the light at the end of the tunnel, to when we will be able to embrace our loved ones, see our friends and colleagues again and maybe even cast a fly on our favourite fishery…

Now, before I mention words such as “lockdown” and “isolation”, I recognise not everyone is at home nor has time to tie flies/complete odd jobs etc. Many of us are working from home and/or have kids who require constant attention, entertainment and home schooling. Some of you may be those critical key workers who are still out there grafting, keeping our Country running and helping us overcome this horrible disease. But, if you do find yourself with a bit of free time, here are a few suggestions for you to help get you prepared and ready for when access opens up again for fishing:

Take Stock.

Check those consumable items we always seem to run out of just as we need them!

In a nutshell, check your terminal tackle is in a good place, dig out your chest pack, vest or neck lanyard and go through all those essentials to make sure everything is fresh and in working order so they don’t let you down on the bank when it matters.

Tackle Service.

Traditionally, for Trout and Salmon anglers at least, Winter is the time to dig out the rods and reels for their annual deep clean. However, more and more anglers are now fishing for other species such as Grayling, Pike or even heading off to warmer climes for saltwater sport, meaning we may not have had the time during Winter to service our gear properly. Now would be a good time to give your tackle some much needed TLC.


Let’s be honest, we don’t clean our fishing clothing as much as we should, right? Why spend hundreds of pounds on waterproof jackets and over trousers then not look after them? Again, often we are too busy and overlook this – but cleaning our clothing is important to keep the garments working as they should.

Fly Boxes.

I was talking to a good friend of mine on the phone the other night who had been fishing and he had taken a box of flies with him, one which he hadn’t used for a while. He laughed as he told me that several of them had deteriorated so badly that the hooks just came away in the box foam! It prompted me to give mine a once over.

Fly Tying materials

I had a spare few hours last weekend and sat down to tie some tube flies for Pike. I looked at my tying desk and the stack of boxes containing my fly tying materials and realised I didn’t know where most of the materials were which I’d need for the flies! Needless to say, I lost my enthusiasm and decided to cut the grass in the garden instead. That evening I sorted through my gear and categorised it to make life simpler.

Plan a trip.

Finally, why not consider planning a fishing trip with a friend – maybe a pal you haven’t fished with in a while. Don’t message or text, pick up the ‘phone and give him/her a call? Considering everything that’s going on in the World, this could be a very welcome distraction to have a chat about the one that got away. Fisheries are going to need our support when all this blows over, so when it’s safe to do so, get out there. Until that time, stay safe, stay indoors and #KEEPTYING.

Dougie Loughridge – Senior Sales Advisor at Glasgow Angling Centre – one of our Largest Stockists. Glasgow Angling is currently closed, but will re-open soon, please keep an eye on their Social Media for latest news and be sure to support them and your local tackle shop when doors re-open. Thanks!

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