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Top Tip – Get Czech Nymphing Fishing Flies In Your Life!

Published: 18th May 2016 | Author: Fulling Mill

Czech Nymphing – Methods and Practice:

Czech Nymphing is and has been one of the most productive ways to nymph fish. Originated in Europe among the competition circuit, this method is a good way to pick up fish consistently throughout the day, and it’s hard to dispute the success driven from this technique and these fishing flies. Czech nymphing has given way to Euro style nymphing which we will feature separately.

Czech Nymphing  – Gear set up:

If you’re like most traditional fly anglers, the longest rod you have in your quiver is probably a 9ft, then that will work for Czech Nymphing. If you take a look around at the Euro Nymph scene you’ll quickly notice that many anglers prefer a 10-11ft rod..but why? Two reasons, drift control and reach. The long rod helps with these two things more than you probably think. When drifting your fishing flies through likely lies this extra length definitely extends your drift downstream and therefore likelihood of a strike. I find when fishing with the long rod your ability to make yourself keep “in touch” with your fishing flies is more prominent then when using a 9ft rod. Odds are you’re not going to have much line out the tip top so maintaining a tight line presentation is key and a long rod forces you to do just that.

Luckily leader set ups for Czech Nymphing couldn’t be easier but, I’ve certainly seen some pretty elaborate set ups. First and foremost, the leader is about as long as the length of your rod and consisting of two droppers on a straight 3 or 4x length of mono. Really? No Taper? You certainly could but, save those long tapered leaders for picky dry fly sipping fish. Droppers should be 15-20 inches apart and about 6-7 inches long respectively. A double or triple surgeons knot with one tag end longer is a quick and secure way to rig up.

Fishing fly selections needs not to be complicated either, remember we’re trying to make the fish eat here. Keep it simple. You’ll want to start with a lighter fly up top, heaviest in the middle and moderate fly on the point. This gives you varied depths in which to present your flies. Don’t be afraid to switch it up either.

Try the patterns in the Czech Mates Selection:

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