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Top 5 Reservoir Trout Flies from Belgian angler, Guido Vinck.

Published: 2nd February 2017 | Author: Guido Vinck

Fly fishing on the big reservoirs in the UK has become more and more popular among Belgian and other continental fly fishers, with most of the boat tactics and reservoir trout flies coming from Great-Britain. A nation with more than 100 years of experience in fly fishing.

My boat angling roots came from fishing at Grafham in the beginning of 1990’s. Since then, nearly every month I am coming to the UK to ‘tackle’ the giant brownies and rainbows. Thanks to many British companions, like Kieran Jenkins, Steffan Jones, Simon Robinson, Charles Jardine, other FM-ambassador, and a lot of self-experience, I am able now to help a lot of continental and Belgian fly fishers to improve their boat fishing skills.

Reservoir Trout Flies

My first time on Blithfield Water, double hook up!

For a lot of anglers starting competition fishing, the right equipment is crucial, and this is no more than your fly choice. The most important question for them is “Which flies must I use today?”. In most of the fishing lodges on-site you can find a large range of Fulling Mill reservoir trout flies, from dries to nymphs, streamers, attractors, wet flies, and lures! If you go for a selection of blobs, some buzzer and nymph patterns, a few boobies and a couple of lures, you simply cannot go wrong. FM has probably the biggest collection in the world, you can find them in their brand-new catalogue which is out now.

Reservoir trout flies

The 2017 Fulling Mill Catalogue – Out now!

This, in turn, requires the angler to tackle up for the right approach and the right leader is very important. For those who are not familiar with making their own leaders, the selection of fluorocarbon and copolymer tippets available from Fulling Mill are all you need. I tend to rely on the knowledge, copolymer for dries and fluorocarbon for anything subsurface. The market leading fluorocarbon used by recreational fishermen and competition anglers is the FM World Class fluorocarbon, slightly heavier than water, almost invisible and excellent abrasion resistance. One of the most enjoyable and relaxed forms is broadside drifting when you can use a team of three traditional wet flies, nymphs, or even small lures, dry fly too can be effective either singularly or in multiples. The choice is all yours.

Reservoir trout flies

Here’s my Top 5 Reservoir Trout Flies

Barbless Hopper CDC Yellow Owl

Olive Traffic Light buzzer

Red Holographic Diawl Bach

Biscuit blob

Sparkler booby


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