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An inside look: Fulling Mill designer ‘Tim Flagler’ and what’s in his fly box?

Published: 29th October 2018 | Author: Fulling Mill

We’ve gathered a handful of FM designers to delve into their fishy brains in better hopes of finding out a little bit more about them, how they fish, what they’re fishing and what they’re up to! This time round we have fly guru, Tim Flagler…

Greetings, Tim how are you these days? Hopefully you’re finding some time to get away to your local or not so local fishery to get some good days in on the water. Would you mind taking the time to answer a couple of questions below? This is to get our consumers better acquainted with our designers and give them a better understanding of who you are and what you enjoy doing most… fishing!

FM – So, Tim give us a little background on yourself? Who you are and where do you reside?

FM – I hear Califon is a lovely place for some great East coast trout fishing, sounds like you’re there to stay!

FM – How do you spend your time when not fishing?

FM – Great hobbies. Bow hunting is quite a sport in itself, as is Lacrosse!

FM – When fishing, what are your favorite species to chase?

FM – Right there with you, especially with Stripers on the fly… when you hit it right, there is seemingly nothing better in the world!

FM – Do you prefer fishing in lakes/ponds or rivers/streams?

FM – I can relate. I do enjoy fishing lakes but, something about being on the stream with the sound of running water all around you is really relaxing.

FM – Drift boat or wading, which do you prefer?

FM – Understandable. Whether it be for mostly any species, I do enjoy wading over boating. Stalking fish is more fun I think.

FM – What’s your favorite food item to pack for lunch/snack?

FM – Meat and cheese seems to be a very popular choice among anglers. I would’ve thought you were a “full-spread” type of guy! Sandwiches, beers, some side salads…

FM – If given the choice, what fly would you fish for a whole day? Nymph, streamer, dry, emerger, wet (or salt if applicable)?

FM – That’s become my go to type of fly when starting and finishing the day. Picking apart runs with small nymphs is quite good fun!

FM – What is your tried and true method of choice when fishing?

FM – I had a hunch you were going to say that! It amazes me how one method over the course of a couple of years had gripped this sport so intensely. Can’t argue with your choice!

FM – What would be your most memorable catch?

FM – Wow! That’s quite a healthy fish! Hope that wasn’t on a 10ft 3wt with a euro-nymph!

FM -What destinations (if any) are on your bucket list? Have you already been there?

FM – I’m quite envious of you! I hope you enjoyed yourself there, some of the best if not the best fishing in the world right now. Congrats!

Tim, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer some of our questions. Keep posting those videos!


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