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Fulling Mill Euro Nymphing Sighter

Published: 8th February 2022 | Author: Phillippa Hake

Over the last few weeks here in the UK our rivers have finally been at a nice consistent level. It’s been good to get on the water and have a proper go at the grayling after what seems to have been a long and slow season! It’s not been easy and each trip has proved a difficult challenge in trying to catch these fish. Recently, during the time I’ve had on the water I’ve been playing about with the new Fulling Mill Masterclass Indicator Monofilament as my euro nymphing sighter with huge success.

A winter grayling caught while testing the indicator mono out as my euro nymphing sighter.

For the last few years, I’ve been using the Fulling Mill Tactical Sighter (Rest of World only) indicators which are excellent on their own. But when I saw the new indicator mono, I knew I had to get my hands on it!

It comes in spools of 30m and in three breaking strains: 4X, 3X and 2X. The Mono Indicator comes in a vibrant hot pink and yellow. The sharp contrast in the change of colour makes seeing this indicator much easier and it stands out in any light condition. Like all Fulling mill spools they come with a high quality pro band.

The Masterclass Monofilament Indicator is also available in 4x.

How to Attach It

Many shop bought indicators come with a tippet ring already attached. So, if you’re a new angler looking to pick up euro nymphing you might be sat there wondering how you’d attach this line to your rig. I’ll tell you the two methods I use to attach the indicator to my rig.

Number 1

Tippet rings. Take around 40cm of the indicator mono off the spool and attaching a tippet ring to both ends. From there simply tie one end to your French leader and your tippet to the other. As tippet rings are small and fiddly, rather than try do this while stood on the river bank, I tend to pre make these before a day on the water!

Number 2

Perfection Knot. The same as using a tippet ring but making a small loop either end of the indicator. Again, one end on to the French leader and the other to your tippet. This method is quick and easy if you need to make an indicator up fast when out fishing.

Tippet Rings or perfection loops will both work.

A Top Tip

If you do struggle to see indicators on the water, take a black maker pen and draw lines on it to aid seeing it against the water! Sometimes that will help create more contrast.

Using The Indicator Monofilament

The mono indicator is a must for any serious river angler. I’ve always used the standard shop bought indicators and while these are still very good to use, upon my first outings with this straight away I saw a difference in how much lighter and delicate everything felt when fishing.

One of the main reasons I changed my indicator set up to use this new mono was just how much more I felt in control and in contact with the flies at all times. And when you’re out doing a spot of euro nymphing, its vital that you have a feel for them flies as they trundle down the current so you can detect possible takes.

Not only is it important to have the feel of the whole rig when you’re nymphing, but you need to be able to see that indicator when it’s out there as you’re constantly watching for it to pause or stop in the hope it’s a fish. With the extreme brightness, Fulling Mill have made this sighter incredibly visible! I think the new Fulling Mill mono indicator will be the new “go too” for my indicators when I’m euro nymphing.

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