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Top 10 New Streamer Patterns for 2024 from Fulling Mill USA 

Published: 26th January 2024 | Author: Fulling Mill

Last week we highighted some of our new nymphs for 2024, now it’s time to talk about some of our new streamer patterns.

Olsen’s Backflop Jig

From the designer, Devin Olsen: “Jigging and drifting streamers on a Euro nymphing leader is a deadly technique especially when standard nymphing approaches fail to produce well. Effective patterns for this method have mobile materials but also a slender profile underwater and extra weight to get them to depth quickly. My favorite pattern for this approach is the Backflop Jig which has just enough movement and flash to catch the attention of trout, but it also sinks quickly. It works well dead drifted as well as jigged during the drift with the rod tip.”

The Pocket Dweller

A slim and sleek baitfish pattern for jigging through pockets, runs and deep holes. The mallard overwing gives the impression of a mottled, natural baitfish where the flashy underbelly helps catch the attention of trout nearby. Not only does this produce when fished upstream and jigged down, it’s a great swing fly as well.

Boroff’s Mini Veil Leech

From the designer, Tyler Boroff: “Fishing high water on the South Platte, I wanted to create a leech that stood out amongst the rest. After messing around with a few patterns, I stumbled upon this veil egg yarn. Adding the veil yarn on top of a possum strip gave the fly a slime-like coat. With a hot spot on the head and a teardrop bead, it evolved into the MVL (Mini Veil Leech). I then added a beadless version, which is deadly under an indicator. I find that the beaded version is perfect for a euro anchor or to simply fish as a micro streamer.”

Keslar’s Concussion Cray

The Concussion Crayfish was designed to be a heavy, yet small profile streamer. It has two tungsten beads (4.6mm & 3.8mm), so this pattern drops quick and stays glued on the bottom. The extra weight keeps this pattern low and helps it to act like a fleeing crayfish would bouncing from rock to rock in the deepest part of the water column. This fly really shines when fished dynamically on a euro nymphing setup.

For the jig streamer angler out there, there are some great tips in this video from Signature Tyer George Daniel. Lots to try out with our new streamer patterns.

Articulated Daddy’s Money

Sometimes the fish are fired up and want a mouthful of flash. When they do, Daddy’s Money pays the bills. This is fantastic streamer pattern for pounding banks and obstructions from a boat when hunting large fish. This pattern excels in high or off colored water as the fish are able to locate it more easily than non-flashy patterns.

Lincoln’s Articulated Streamer

This fly is on the small side for articulated streamers, which makes it a very eatable meal for most trout. It’s available in several different color combinations so you can best match the predominant fish population of the river your fishing. And, it helps you better match the conditions on the day.

Elden’s Shiner Minnow

An excellent baitfish imitation that can be taken as a shiner, as the name suggests. However, it will cover a wide range of other baitfish as well.

Low-Fat Sculpin

From the designer, Cheech Pierce: “This pattern is a product of always tinkering with sculpin patterns. I love how my old sculpin toad swims, but I wish it were a bit simpler to tie. I literally had this idea come to me in the middle of the night. So I rushed to work, ran upstairs to my vise, and cranked a few out as concepts. After a bit of tweaking, this super simple pattern swims just like a sculpin. I tie these in ginger, olive and brown, but I bet it would be good in many colors and sizes.”

Concorde Slider

From the designer, Cheech Pierce: “As many of you know by now, I absolutely love tying and fishing sliders. Building them so they swim properly is no small task. It can sometimes take a while before a streamer passes the vibe check. When I first tied it, this one had so much movement that it would try to somersault in the water instead of tracking true. I wanted it to dig down, so I added a keel weight to both hooks to make it move without flipping over. It’s extremely easy to cast and pushes a lot of water. Like any of our other patterns, experiment with multiple colors and sizes until you find what works best in your home waters!”


From the box of Justin Laffin comes the final fly in our list of new streamer patterns: the Con-Man. This articulated deer hair streamer is meant for smallmouth bass and they love it. But don’t be fooled, this pattern does double time as a phenomenal trout streamer for big tailwater fish as well. Coming in a range of colors you can pick the ones that best match the rivers that you’re fishing.

If you liked reading about our new streamer patterns, you may want to check out this article on our top 10 new nymphs.

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